Tips For Tackling Estrogen Dominance

By June 25, 2018 Uncategorized

The gym is important, but if our hormones are out of whack, then we won’t get the results we want.. no matter how hard we train. So I am going to give you some tips to naturally decrease “estrogen dominance” – which is the cause of a ton of female issues, like PCOS, endometriosis, weight gain, amenorrhea (Hiiii) etc. This is a hot topic as A LOT of you have emailed me about this! And I don’t blame you.. Hormones are so important for seeing results, yet it seems like all of us dang women have issues with ’em, including me!

Tips For Tackling “estrogen dominance”:

1. Clean up your personal care items! This means lotions, soaps, hair care, skin care, and make up! Items that you want to avoid are ANYTHING that have phthalates (fi-lates), parabens, fragrance, SLS, mineral oil, aluminum, fluoride, chlorine, and BPAs. I am using a lot of essential oils/natural soaps for cleansing, I stick with Tarte or W3llPeople beauty products when it comes to make-up, I switched from Colgate to a natural tooth paste, and then I am STILL in search of a good deodorant without aluminum that won’t make me stink or break out lol.

2. Avoid estrogens in your diet! These come from pesticides which are often found on fruits and vegetables, and from hormones that are often found in meats. The best way to know your foods are hormone and pesticide-free are to buy organic, local, or hey, grow your own! I don’t have a garden.. yet. So for now, I like going to Farmers Markets, and shopping at the Organic section. Trader Joe’s has a lot of AFFORDABLE, organic choices, too.

3. Detox your body often! The best natural detox is to… sauna! Get in there and sweat it all out! Also, adding in supplements like niacin are great at detoxing your body as well! Niacin opens your capillaries to remove waste from your organs. But the best, and easiest detox is… drinking water! Water/hydration is key for moving waste material through your body. And be sure you have enough fiber and cruciferous veggies, too.. fiber helps with digestion and good digestion = bye bye toxins. I get most of my fiber from oats, almonds, and veggies like broccoli and brussels!

4. Work on managing your STRESS! Stress can cause your estrogen levels to sky rocket because of cortisol. Your body produces progesterone, another hormone, which then converts to cortisol when you are stressed.. this makes your progesterone levels low, and then in turn makes your estrogen high. And guess what else? High estrogen can then cause you to have issues with sleeping.. and that puts your body under even MORE stress. Womp. I personally love using lavender oil, taking a few moments to breathe during the day, and then also taking Core-21 at night to help me unwind!

These tips are fairly easy and you can start implementing them now! Which one are you going to start with? Your hormones will thank you, I promise!

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