Client Testimonials

“Ashley!!! I freaking LOVE you! These past 8 weeks have been more than I ever imagined. They challenged me beyond belief, pushed me way out of my comfort zone, I learned so much, but the best part is I learned to love myself. That was always a problem for me and I can honestly say I love my body and who I am now. I'm mentally and physically stronger and way more positive. I'm definitely still a work in progress and I'm 110% okay and excited about that! You've honestly changed my life. You're unwavering support really made all the difference. It's like you were at the gym with me with how supportive and motivating you were through all of this. I can't wait to start the spring shred and participate in more of your challenges! You're amazing and thank you for everything!!”

“I have no words to express how thankful that the IG gods sent you my way when they did. Over these last 8 weeks I've cried and wanted to given up so bad but I didn't because in the end I knew all this sweat and tears would pay off. I've become a person confident in her own skin something that I thought would never EVER be possible. You are an amazing coach!!! I'm
super excited to start the 6 week shred and hope to be in one of your challenge groups after that. Supper excited about the future of my new fitness journey. Thank you so much and lots of love and hugs your way.”

“Ashley, once again I cannot thank you enough. Words cannot describe the feelings I have right now. I feel like a warrior woman, full of life and confidence once again. I feel like I know who I am for once. This year altogether has been a year of finding myself. I used to live for someone else - living by his rules and opinions. I finally have the freedom to make choices for myself. Your kindness, thoughtful words, and friendship are motivating to me and to so many others. Girl, you are going to move mountains one day 🙂 Your positive attitude, commitment to each and every one of us, and you inner light is so contagious. And at a mere 23, you have years ahead of you to truly change the world. Which I am almost certain you will do.”

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