Your new favorite workout guide to utilize at the gym or at home!


This 8 week workout guide is perfect for you! How I do know this? Well, I designed it to work for any level athlete (beginner all the way to advanced!) looking to tone up, burn fat, and increase strength! And who doesn’t want all of THAT?!


The 8 week workout guide includes a protocol for the gym and for at home. So it doesn’t matter if you workout at home or at a fitness center, this program will work great for you!


What is the layout of the program? Well, you will weight train 4x a week, perform cardio 3x per week and then you have weekly focal points to help you break past your comfort zone and see results! The workouts include a wide variety of exercises and techniques, and you will hit all major muscle groups to ensure that your entire body gets toned and lean!


All of the exercises include videos to show you exactly how to perform them properly. But, you can always ask questions if you need any additional support. With this program, you also receive access to my private Facebook group where we interact with each other daily!


This 8 week workout guide comes as a PDF that I will email to you, and you will be able to keep this program forever! This means that you can refer to this guide any time that you need a change in your workout routine, beyond the 8 weeks that you commit to this plan.


I am excited for you to begin this journey! My clients who have followed this program already has lost up to 10 inches and 15+ lbs in the 8 week period! I know this plan WORKS and I am happy to offer it at an affordable rate!


*If you completed my 2018 Summer 8 Week Challenge, then you already have this program 


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