Post-Workout Nutrition: The Best Thing For Gaining Lean Muscle

By June 25, 2018 Uncategorized

I was bullied all throughout high school because I was so thin. I took my athletics extremely seriously and trained harder than anyone else, but I couldn’t keep the weight on me. Looking back, I never fueled my body properly for how hard I worked.. and because of that, I struggled a lot.

In college, I was sick of being barely 100 pounds, so I started researching ways to gain lean muscle. What I learned what that when we train hard in the gym or with sports, we break down our muscles and we burn up fuel (carbohydrates) that is stored in our muscles (glycogen). This is what leads us to seeing better results, like gaining strength, muscle lean tissue, and losing body fat… only IF we recover properly.

One of the most important factors for recovery is your nutrition immediately after a workout. This time period, often called the “anabolic window” is a time (within 45 min of exercise) where your body is BEGGING for nutrients 🌱 and basically waiting to be fueled so your muscles can get to work and start the repair process. So what nutrients are most important during this time?

We need a high-quality mix of protein & carbs, like Phormula-1 (hydrolyzed whey isolate) and Ignition (pure dexanhydrous glucose.. a fast acting carb source, faster than table sugar).

Phormula-1 is ideal because it is completely isolated from carbs and fats – so it is protein in its purest form – and it can then be ingested rapidly!  And as for Ignition? Well it’s basically a monosaccharide carb, which means single cell.. and your body breaks this down MUCH faster  than most other carbs (that are multiple cells). After a workout, you want to ingest something to immediately refuel your body, so this is perfect!  Ignition will refill your glycogen stores, spike insulin levels (super important for building muscle), and shuttle the Phormula-1 into your muscle bellies & begin the recovery process.

Supplementing my body right, especially with a great quality post-workout stack, has been most impactful for someone like me who struggles with building lean muscle. Now I may not be a bodybuilder anymore, but I STILL take my post-workout nutrition very seriously because of how important it is.

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