A LOT of you have asked about this, and for good reason: ABS.

I get it. We all want that flat stomach and tight, toned abdominals.

But please know that doing abs every day and trying new, trendy exercises will only do so much. Will it strengthen your core? ABSOLUTELY! And that is GREAT (and beneficial for your back and for your posture)!

But if you think you will wake up leaner or tighter from just that, you are sadly mistaken. You cannot spot train, unfortunately.

The “secret” to a smaller waist, a tighter core, and abs is 100% related to what you eat. It comes down to NUTRITION.


If you are eating too much sugary, processed junk, your body is going to store that (when we have too much glucose, that is just what our bodies do!).

And guess where it gets stored? Yep. In your belly. And if you continue to eat too much refined crap, the cycle keeps happening and you keep feeding this “visceral fat,” which is found deep inside your abdominal cavity and surrounds internal organs and promotes inflammation.

Visceral fat is actually so scary because it can alter your hormones and cause a whole slew of other issues like diabetes, depression and even dementia!

The good news: Visceral fat shrinks fairly readily when you watch your diet (and get moving a little bit!). Certain foods contribute to the development of belly fat, so avoid them to slim down and improve your health.

Key foods to avoid:
Refined grains (whole grains are okay, but avoid things like white bread)
Trans fats – found in basically all fried foods and bready treats (waffles, cookies, doughnuts, etc)
Saturated fats (margarine, cheese)

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