In my past, I had some serious issues with chronic fatigue. I was told that I had “adrenal fatigue” due to being overly reliant on caffeine, over-doing it in the gym, and eating such a restrictive diet for so long. I spent an ENTIRE YEAR in denial, doing nothing about it, and struggling.

When I finally said enough was enough, I started doing some research. And this was also around the time that I started going to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I learned that my adrenals and thyroid work hand in hand. Together, they produce hormones that affect EVERY aspect of the body. And although it is not proven, it is said that adrenal issues are what often lead to thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism. And this scared the crap out of me!

So what causes adrenal issues in the first place? Answer: A poor quality diet!! Ingesting too much junk/refined sugar spikes your sugar levels which causes insulin to be released, and then your body releases cortisol as well because your blood sugar crashes 👎🏻 Over time, this puts a LOT of stress on your endocrine system 🙈 especially the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands will start to weaken & your body will start to go into a state of 💀 catabolism.. aka where it begins to break down. Now, your thyroid gland controls your metabolism, and to “fight” the body from being in this state of catabolism, your body will 🐌 slow down its metabolic rate (by cutting off the production of the thyroid hormone).

Your body may also lack essential nutrients from eating poorly (or you could be eating a healthy diet that simply lacks all the micronutrient diversity) & the thyroid gland will start to malfunction. Your thyroid gland CANNOT thrive without nutrients like iodine, vitamin D, selenium, and magnesium! If you have hypothyroidism, it is 💥essential💥 that you switch to eating WHOLE FOODS! 🍎 Limiting processed junk (which has no nutritional value) & refined sugars is so important! And you definitely want to opt for 🌱organic🌱 food choices, to avoid pesticides & any chemicals that could affect your already-sensitive body.

So what are the signs of hypothyroidism? ➡️ CONSTANT fatigue (could sleep all day), cold sensitivity, dry skin, unexplained weight gain and even hair loss, constipation, and high cholesterol.

So after learning ALL of this, I quickly realized that I NEEDED to revamp my nutrition, and I looked into natural herbs and remedies that could help get my adrenals in a better place. Oddly, this was right when I started working with 1st Phorm as a Legionnaire. I read up on Adrenal Restore and saw that it had incredible ingredients (all of which I was searching to take to help with my adrenals AND STRESS naturally).. so I began taking it. This was the VERY first 1st Phorm product that I ever took actually! This product, along with some other minor tweaks in my daily routine (like cutting out junk/sugar), brought AMAZING changes for me.

The best thing about this condition is it CAN OFTEN BE REVERSIBLE, so take action!

Adrenal Restore contains herbs like:
Rhodiola Rosea
Licorice Root

All of which are proven to help with physical and mental stress, energy levels, and restored adrenal function!

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