Exercising For Fat Loss

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A lot of you ask me about fat loss, and if it is possible to keep your hard-earned gainzzz while cutting fat! The answer is YES! (As long as your workout is intense enough and you can recover adequately, you’ll maintain muscle and even build a little).

So what are some popular methods for fat loss?

-this involves multiple sets of 2 exercises back to back without rest
So for example, you could do bench press superset with dumbbell flyes, so you would do 1 set of bench presses followed by 1 set of flyes, then rest and repeat

Density training (how much work you can do in a given time frame)
-your goal is to increase your “density” by either:
1. Keeping your work load static and decreasing your duration
o lets say you typically do 10 sets of 10 reps in 30 minutes.. Well, if your goal is to do 10 sets of 10 reps in 20 minutes then you increase your density
2. Keeping the duration static and increasing work load
So keeping the same example from above, lets say you stick with 30 minutes to complete your workout, but you do as MANY sets of 10 reps as you can in that time period

Both ways involve increasing your training speed and decreasing your rest periods which is KEY as it helps with fat loss and spares muscle!

Employing complexes aka circuits
-this is similar to supersets except it involves more than 2 exercises back to back

Heavy strength training with conditioning finishers at the end
-For example, start with a few strength-focused exercises that involves 4-8 reps (and up to a 2 minute rest in between sets)… then move on to adding in total body exercises in the form of supersets

Which is best? Well, they ALL work. They are all great at helping you lose fat and maintain lean mass. The main things you want to focus on, however, is:
Make sure your sessions are intense
Keep them under 60 minutes
Spread the volume out over the week and try to hit every muscle group
3-4 sessions a week is ideal
Track progress by logging your strength increases

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