Drink Alcohol And Keep Your Abs

By June 25, 2018 Uncategorized

I DRINK ALCOHOL AND I STILL HAVE ABS! Crazy, I know hehe. This is actually a topic that a lot of people ask me about, and I figured I might as well share my honest approach towards drinking/fitting it into my lifestyle, and how you can still reach your goals while enjoying that glass of wine or bottle of beer!

What I do and what works for me:

1. I practice moderation. I don’t go out and binge drink, and I don’t drink 3, 4, or 5 nights a week. I drink 1, MAYBE 2x a week (90% of the time it is on the weekends), and I try my hardest to keep it around 2-4 drinks max.

2. I stick with lower calorie options when I drink. My go-to drink is gin and soda water with lime/lime juice! Soda water is zero calories.. TONIC water is NOT. I used to always mess that up lol. Tonic is actually higher in cals than some soda! I AVOID sugary drinks that are made with things like pineapple, cranberry, mixes (like margarita mix), or soda. If I have wine, I stick to 2 glasses MAX and try to opt for red even though I love me some moscato.

3. On the day of, I focus on: Nutrition. I will drink a lot of water beforehand to stay as hydrated as possible, and then I make sure that my diet is on point all day, too. I may lower my intake just slightly to create a little more wiggle room for all the calories I will be drinking later, but I certainly don’t starve myself or take extremes (it ends poorly, trust me).

4. I load up on vitamins! The best way to do this is to take Remedy, which is specifically made as an antioxidant-filled hangover support supplement! It helps keep me from getting that dreaded hangover, it replenishes the vitamins and minerals that get depleted from drinking (alcohol makes you dehydrated), and kills that nauseas feeling I would sometimes get the next day. I just take 1 serving before I go out, and then take 1 serving before bed (or I will the next morning if I forget), and bam. No hangover.

5. The next day, I continue to stay as hydrated as possible, I make sure I get in a solid workout and stick to my diet, and I get right back on track! A huge problem with drinking is that it often leads to poor decisions for days after, but with the approach I take, I seem to bounce back just fine! And Remedy really helps with that because I don’t feel like poo after, so it’s easy to keep myself from resorting to comfort food and Netflix. lol.


Let me know if this is helpful for you!

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