Exercise timing… Does it matter?

One MAJOR thing that really changed the game for me was deciding to work out in the morning. Now, I have a really busy schedule, so by working out in the “morning” I am talking about 4am! At first, do you think this was hard for me? Ummm yeah. I’ve always been a morning person (helllllo inner farmer 🌽 lol) but getting me to WORK OUT that early? Not typically my thing. When I first started this new routine, my body was like wtf are you doing! But I HELD STRONG and within a week or so, I was feeling so alive and ready to kill my workouts.

I’ve done some research on workout timing. Mostly because my clients ask about this alllll the time. And hey, I want to know when the ideal time is to work out, too. Well this is what I’ve found:

Working out in the AM is actually BEST for us! Why? This leads to more efficient sleep cycles… so we sleep longer at night and sleep deeper (aka where we are most anabolic). And sleep is the KEY to having an efficiently functioning body, plus it’s the biggest factor for weight loss, so knowing this is KIND of a big deal. Also… some studies show that there is a 25% greater drop in blood pressure at night when you work out in the AM (versus the PM). And this drop comes from the parasympathetic nervous system (our “rest and digest” system) and deactivates thee sympathetic nervous system, which is what we WANT.

We have increased core body temperatures and higher cortisol after workouts… so if we workout late and try to pass out right after? It probably isn’t happening because you get a big drop in your melatonin for these reasons.

So this is just my two cents. And since many of you ask… I do train fasted sometimes. I honestly base it on how much time I have in the AM/my hunger and energy levels, etc. If I wake up hungry, I eat lol]. And back to my point here… If you are at a plateau or can’t sleep for the life of you yet you train late, you might want to think about changing it up. You may be a bit tired at first, but hey, you got Starbucks and pre-workout for that!

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